EP. 10 - Aron Snyder

Aron Snyder's official title is President/CEO at Kifaru international and Host of the Kifarucast podcast, but he's a whole lot more than that. 

He's handy with a trad bow, and spends up to 150 days a year on the mountain. He's been in the hunting podcast world for as long as just about anyone, and he's a wealth of knowledge because of it. 

Snyder also doesn't really care what most folks think. He's brutally honest in all the best ways. The result is a conversation with little held back that for me resulted in a lot of perspective.

Perspective on hunting's perception in popular culture, how we can do better representing ourselves, defining trophy hunting, and why hunters feel the need to in-fight so much. We also went pretty deep in to what gear he packs into the backcountry, how he prepares and how to pick the right pack and boots. 

You're going to enjoy episode No. 10, I promise. Be sure to check out Kifarucast in the meantime. 

A few links to the products mention: 

-Aron's Trad Bow: Black Widow Bows 
-Aron's Bino Harness: Alaska Guide Creations 
-Aron' Knife: Tyto Knives 
-Aron's Boots: Hanwag

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