EP. 16: Adam Janke

Adam Janke is the host of the Beyond the Kill podcast, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Mountain Hunting (JOMH). Adam, a British Columbia resident and diehard mountain hunter, is a deliberate dude. He came into the hunting industry recently and has made a name for himself early on as someone who cares about hunting's image and is striving to celebrate the experience.

We spoke about the recent hunting ban on grizzly bears in his home province, the state of hunting media today, how to talk to non-hunters, the greatest challenges with communicating what we do and his recent crazy-as-shit goat hunt up North.

Be sure to check out the film "Toeing the Line" from Adam and the JOMH:

...and the newest print edition of the magazine.

In the meantime, enjoy our conversation.

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