EP. 17: Cody Rich

Cody Rich has been podcasting for a while. In fact, as of this writing, he's 244 episodes deep. When I started The Hunting Collective Cody was one of the first guys to step up and teach a rookie the ropes. Just goes to show you that the hunting world is full of good guys. Cody is definitely one.

He's also driven. Cody is a true entrepreneur, always looking to start a new venture and break new ground. He treats hunting the same way. He once broke his neck and was told he would never walk again. He very politely informed the doctor that hunting season was a month away and that he needed to get on the mountain. Like I said, he's driven.

I caught up with the host of The Rich Outdoors podcast at his home in Bozeman, Montana for a dinner, some whiskey and a great conversation. We talked about my past and his, hunting's past and future, the flaws of Yellowstone and much, much more. This one goes pretty deep. Enjoy. 

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