EP. 18 - Cole Kramer

On this episode I'm joined by Cole Kramer out of Kodiak, Alaska, one of the top guides in mountain hunting today. Cole, a small town Kansas kid, was inspired by his Aunt and Uncle to venture North after high school and has since made a living guiding hunters in Alaska's harshest conditions.

Cole and I first met a few years back when I hadn't yet been on what I would call a true adventure hunt--think backcountry drop camps in sub-zero temps or hiking to 18,000 feet of elevation to kill a sheep. It's through those experiences that I was able to challenge myself, and watch Cole overcome hunting's roughest conditions with ease. I've also gotten to know him as a friend.

On this episode Cole joined me at the Total Archery Challenge in Terry Peak, South Dakota for a weekend of shooting and a great conversation. We talked about how he came to be guide, how adventures sharpen the willing hunter, respecting bears, bear on bear violence, and our trip to Nepal chasing blue sheep. Be sure to watch our YETI Presents film on our adventure in the Himalayas:  

This is one of my favorite podcasts to date. Enjoy.

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