EP. 19 - Ben "ShedCrazy" Dettamanti

You don't have to hang around very long and it's easy to figure out that the hunting industry has some interesting stories to tell. One of the most interesting is that of Ben "ShedCrazy" Dettamanti, a Utah-based content creator and shed hunter known for his funny-as-hell social media presence. Here's a guy that left his job as a school janitor to post videos on YouTube about running around the mountains collecting antlers and making folks laugh. It takes some courage to make that jump. He called it his "Shed Year" and he documented every step of his drive to make it in the hunting world. The question: could he make a living for his family finding sheds and creating content? 

Ben joined me at the Total Archery Challenge in Terry Peak, SD, to fling arrows and attempt to make each other crack up at full draw. It was a great weekend, highlighted by our conversation about his career as a content creator, the lures of social media fame, grip and grins (gasp!) and how much money a guy can make from selling sheds. 
It was an interesting chat and I look forward to hanging out with ol' ShedCrazy again soon. Enjoy. 
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