EP. 21 - Jason Matzinger & Sam Soholt

This week on Episode No. 21 I'm joined by Jason Matzinger and Sam Soholt for a killer conversation and lots of laughs. Matzinger is a Montana-dwelling film and television producer and host of the TV show Into High Country on the Sportsman Channel. What really makes Matzinger stand out to me though is his true, unabashed commitment to conservation. He's a lifetime member of RMEF and Mule Deer Foundation and works on content projects with Wild Sheep and many other groups.

Sure, he's featured in most of his own films, but that's not the purpose. Most of the time the purpose is to promote real efforts to do good work outside. He's traveled the West for decades, most recently with Sam at his side, filming, hunting and developing some pretty damn unique perspectives on our world. Not to mention a pile of great stories.

I caught up with Jason and Sam in Big Sky, Mont., for a late night pizza and beer fueled chat on wild sheep, the community of sheep hunters, Jason's latest film "Circle of Life," hunting public land vs. private land and so much more. Also, our buddy Greg was hanging out providing color commentary. It was past midnight before we wrapped up, so excuse any colorful exchanges. Enjoy.

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