Ep. 24 - Wyman Meinzer

I sat in Wyman Meinzer's living room a few weeks back sipping whiskey and talking politics. Wyman is in his mid-60s now and he's got no time to skirt around tough subjects and even less time to suffer the foolishness of 2018's ever-more progressive culture. 

"We learned to work when I was coming up," he said, reaching down to pet one of the few cats roaming around. "I knew I could take chances if I worked hard. Nowadays I don't think work is valued. I just don't." 

It was late July in the Texas Badlands, a time of year the renowned predator hunter, biologist and photographer says turns his home into a "hell hole of a place." We were both sweating a bit despite the best efforts of the air conditioning, but managing to get a few laughs in between fits of intense conversation meant to solve the world's problems.  

Wyman and his wife Sylinda had spent the day with three of their grandchildren, leaving the house cluttered with dolls, juice boxes and the like. Just another sign of changing times for my friend Wyman. Gone are the days when he lived in the old dugout, trapping coyotes and bobcats. Gone are the wild days when he crashed planes and crawled into rattlesnake dens. Things are slower now in Benjamin, Texas, and Wyman is enjoying telling his story rather than furiously writing more chapters. He doesn't mind petting the cat, drinking some whiskey and just talking. He's got enough stories to tell that he and I could fill a lifetime of evenings like this, and I'd be happy to do just that. 

Sadly, I don't get all that much time with Wyman, so I'm happy to have recorded this podcast. I'll listen back to it quite often I'm sure, when I'm in need of a reminder of what hard work means and how much I can still achieve in this life. In this episode we cover just about all of Wyman's life and times, and gathered some perspective on how he made it. Enjoy. 

Wyman Meinzer - Between Heaven And Texas from Wyman Meinzer on Vimeo.



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