Ep. 25 - Russell Cunningham

Russell Cunningham is an oral surgeon by day and an archaeologist by night. He’s a trained professional at the former and an amateur at the latter. That said, I didn’t need any dental work when we sat down at his home near Dripping Springs, Texas, a few weeks back. I wanted to learn all about what this amateur archaeologist is digging in his backyard. Russell is a lover of human history, hunting and the intersections of the two. He’s found an outlet for that passion in digging up ancient artifacts, namely arrowheads, on his family ranch. His passion is amazing and it’s matched only by his knowledge on the subject, plus he has amassed one of the Nation’s largest private arrowhead collections.

 I hope you enjoy this conversation. I believe it’s one that displays how the simple act of digging up an arrowhead can connect you to the land, the people and the place where you live. Our ancestors have a story to tell all we have to do is listen.


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