EP. 27: Roy & Ryan Seiders

Roy & Ryan Seiders were born and raised in Driftwood, Texas, a small town outside of Austin. Their parents cultivated a family-first environment and dad, Roger, brought his boys up in an entrepreneurial environment. They also went hunting and fishing...a lot.

What seems like a pretty typical childhood turned into the fuel that would power the brothers as they hit the real world. They both started businesses after college in the fishing space until Roy discovered something that would change it all: the need for a better cooler. Next thing they knew, these two regular guys were at the helm of one of the coolest brands in the country. It was called YETI.  


It's an amazing story. One that I was very privileged to be a part of for almost four years. YETI was the reason I went to Texas and I won't change it for anything. So, there's no better way to end our Texas series of podcast then with the founders of YETI. Enjoy. 

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