EP. 3 - Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus is unique. 

He's the rare guy that you can have a beer with, laugh and quote Will Ferrell movies and in the next instance be exploring spiritual oneness via psychedelics. He also happens to be a hunter with a passion for the pursuit and a deep understanding of the natural world. 

I first met Marcus three years ago on a South Texas pig hunt. It was clear then, as it is now, that he possesses a clarity of thought that you just don't find in most folks. For him, this life is a game and he's trying to find out what all the buttons do. It's safe to say he's got most of it figured out.

Marcus is the CEO of Onnit, an athlete, a media mogul and consciousness explorer that runs in circles far, far outside of our hunting community bubble. All of that makes him a great guest for episode No. 3 in which we cover topics deep and shallow with a lot of laughs in between. 

0:51 - Aubrey Has a Vision 
2:30 - John Dudley's Special Guest Appearance 
5:30 - Our deep connections with bears 
7:08 - Observing the nature of bears 
8:48 - Appreciating meat through hunting
10:04 - Aubrey's first hunt 
11:27 - Loving the animal you kill 
13:00 - Meat Licenses 
14:10 - Gratitude for the death of an animal 
18:40 - Whitney is a badass 
20:02 - Aubrey's first urge to hunt 
22:35 - Spearfishing is awesome
24:15 - The Sea Archer's Sling 
27:30 - What are we and what is a wild animal? 
30:18 - The Paradox of individual life 
32:24 - The luxury of choices 
35:08 - Gardens are badass 
36:58 - Did we forget how to be humans? 
40:16 - Are vacations good for you? 
42:31 - Finding balance in life and hunting 
45:48 - Finding joy in the experience 
46:12 - Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic motivations 
48:33 - Managing stress appropriately 
51:40 - Being the deer 
56:03 - Moral entanglements we choose to ignore 
57:20 - Our relationship with death 
59:12 - A more ritualized hunting culture 
1:02:56 - Hunters finding their deeper side 

I've also included a couple of reader emails in the opening. Let me know how you like that addition. Enjoy and we'll see you next week. 

Check out Marcus's book Own the Day, Own Your Life while you're at it and follow him on Instagram @AubreyMarcus. 

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