Ep. 4 - John Dudley

Here's John Dudley's resume: He has earned medals on multiple continents with 45 top 3 professional finishes in competition archery. He was APA Rookie of the Year, IBO National Champion (2X), NABH National Champion, European Grand Prix Gold medalist, World Field Championship Silver Medalist, US Open Silver and British National Indoor Champion.

In summary, he's pretty good at shooting a bow. He's also a great guy. His family is one-of-a-kind (shout out to his wife Shazz, a true gem) and he has one of the country's best whitetail havens in his backyard in Iowa. 

He joined me via phone to talk about so many things. Weirdly enough, the conversation didn't really land in Dudley's wheelhouse. We talked more about social media than we did anything else, but I think it led to some interesting topics. The impact of social media, how we decide who is influential and why the industry covets certain personalities. Oh yea, and whether hunters should continue the ol' grip and grin. 

Be sure to listen to the Nock On Podcast, follow Dudley on Instagram and get educated on archery. You won't regret it. 

4:33 – Bowhunting is a game of failure
4:55 – Why don’t we talk about failure?
6:13 – The challenges of Hunting TV networks
7:30 – When bad shots happen in archery
13:35 – How do we illustrate success in hunting
15:42 – Social media as an enabler and a hindrance
18:39 – Social media is the ring of power
21:05 – Joe Rogan’s influence on hunting
22:59 – How does Dudley distill his knowledge and put it out in the world
28:08 – Making a name in the hunting industry
30:10 – Who’s looking for attention and why?
35:53 – Does the hunting industry need it to be about killing?
37:04 – Inclusive and Exclusive game animals
39:39 – Dudley joins the YETI team
42:00 – Does sheep hunting success enhance your reputation?
43:36 – Dudley asks Ben a few questions
44:31 – How do you react when someone pitches you an idea
52:05 – The weirdness of trade shows
54:40 – Earning attention in the hunting industry
57:37 – Enjoying moments in hunting and not telling a soul
59:30 – Revisiting extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
1:00:52 – John’s history competing in archery
1:05:15 – The Grip and Grin debate


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