Ep. 5 - Shane Mahoney

Shane Mahoney is a conservationist to his core. He loves wildlife and has poured his entire life into their well-being. Talk with him for a few minutes about hunting and you’ll hear it in his voice and know he means business. Over more than 30 years of experience working primarily as a scientist, wildlife manager, policy innovator and strategic adviser, Mahoney has gained a unique perspective on our world and the hunter’s place in it.

I was joined by Mahoney on the phone for episode No. 5. It was an enlightening conversation that covers our history as hunters, the rise of conservation in America, how we take care of wildlife and how hunters can better represent our pursuits.

Shane is to me, clearly the most interesting man in conservation. I hope you enjoy this talk.

2:51 – Shane’s fresh black eye
3:40 – Shane’s upbringing in Newfoundland
5:04 – Newfoundland’s non-native culture
6:56 – Come Far Away
7:57 – The accessibility of nature in Shane’s upbringing
10:27 – The similarities between humans and animals
12:12 – The modern society and urbanization
14:42 – The beginnings of Conservation in America
17:52 – Market hunters and the ruin of wildlife at the turn of the century
20:44 – Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation legacy in the White House
22:59 – America’s value for animals
23:35 – North American Wildlife Conference and Pittman Robertson
29:50 – The unique nature of our model of conservation
32:51 – The birth of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation
33:13 – Dr. Valarius Geist
36:48 – The tenants of our North American Model
41:41 – What is best for the long term health of wildlife?
47:15 – The danger of social media for wildlife management
52:21 – Our issues with the hunting of carnivores
54:20 – The grizzly bear hunting ban in British Columbia
1:00:45 – What can hunters do better?
1:13:38 – Who really cares about animals? Do hunters?
1:20:08 – Mahoney’s Wild Harvest Initiative

Be sure to check out Shane’s organization Conservation Visions and the Wild Harvest Initiative.  

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