Ep. 7 - Charles Post

Charles Post might look like a walking contradiction. Dig a bit deeper and you'll find he's far from it.  Born and raised in northern California, Charles earned a B.S. and M.S. in ecology from U.C. Berkeley, serves as a conservation advisor for Sitka and editor of Modern Huntsman.

He's a Montana based filmmaker with a penchant for wildlife conservation stories that challenge the norms of perception. Whether it's Sky Migrations, a film Charles co-directed and is featured in, which shines a light on the conservation of raptors across two hemispheres, or a pair of upcoming films he's co-directing with Ben Masters: one that shines a light on bighorn sheep conservation in West Texas, and another that exposes the ecological impacts of wild horses on public land.

His approach stands out because he tells conservation stories through a lens free from the strings of politics or blind emotion. His social media account has become a forum for thoughtful conversations around wildlife, ecology and hunting. With his first season bowhunting public land ending with the harvest of a nice bull, Charles has waded further into the conversation, something we explore in this episode. Enjoy.

4:16 – Winter in Montana vs. Winter in California
5:14 – What is it like to study at UC Berkeley?
5:49 – The history of UC Berkeley
8:05 – When Charles fell in love with science
10:11 – Professor Mary E. Power
10:23 – The wildlife philosophies that have stuck with Charles
13:49 – Connecting with your observations in the outside world
15:41 – Piecing together nature through non-game animals
17:30 – Grab a recorder, record the sounds in the woods to learn more
19:30 – The Great Animal Orchestra by Bernie Krause
22:23 – How does conservation come together given its short history
24:02 – Conservation goals and what they mean
27:51 – Success of the whitetail deer and wild turkey
31:00 – The Boring Animal Society of American
33:37 – Should hunters show we care about all wild species?
38:21 – Charles’s new film about restoring bighorn sheep in Texas
41:11 – Simple slogans for hunting and conservation
45:08 – The Outdoor Industry Association’s opposition to a “Backpack Tax”
 48:34 – Montana’s bowhunting certification course
49:54 – How do we push valuing the land on the outdoor and hunting industries
51:01 – Consumptive versus Non-consumptive users 
54:53 – Do outdoor rec users do enough to fund conservation and land management?
59:40 – How do you bring together the hunting industry and the outdoor industry?
1:06:41 – Wolves, grizzly bears and other predators
1:08:47 – Can we kill all or protect all?
1:10:54 – The oversimplifying of wildlife management
1:14:58 – Wildlife success based on societal norms
1:19:26 – Poachers in Africa to feed starving families
1:22:29 – How do you become anti-something? 
1:27:39 – Charles takes his fiancé Rachel hunting for the first time
1:34:14 – A hunting podcast about animal rights? What the hell. 
1:35:00 – The impact of catch and release 

Photo by Adam Foss

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