Ep. 8 - Sam Soholt

 Sam Soholt is a nomad. As long as I’ve known him he hasn’t had a fixed address—and that hasn’t been a problem. Sam lives a life most of us dream of while we’re sitting at our desk staring at an inbox full of emails. He lives on his terms, travelling the world and making a living doing what he loves: photographing and filming hunts.

Nowadays when he doesn’t have a camera in his hand, Sam is at the wheel of a Blue Bird school bus. Why? He had the crazy idea to buy a used hunk of yellow metal and turn it into a DIY hunting camp on wheels. He also had the idea to use this venture to draw attention to America’s public lands. Hence the name of his latest project: The Public Lands Bus.

Sam and I have traveled the world together and I can I trust him with just about anything. He’s a talented dude that makes everyone around him better. Anyway, not to lay the compliments on Sam too thick, but he has a lot to say. So enjoy episode No. 8 in which we talk building his bus, turks, shooting a cover image of Joe Rogan, how we met and other great stories.

Check out some images from Sam's public lands bus

Check out the Petersen's Hunting cover referenced in the episode: 

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